LTiCP examples 4) Business self-prevention

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Today example, how business should evaluate after reward-based law will be more practically developed. This is copy of email, which i recieved 2 months ago from one tipster team (betting business service provider) :


£1,000.00 CASH REWARD
Just to let you know that I've received quite a lot of feedback about our WinnersToLosers system.
It seems, despite favourable reviews at a number of independent websites including... www.bettingsystemreviews.co.uk/ and www.cash-master.com/blog/, most of you are still very sceptical about the past results.
Although, we do guarantee that the past results are 100% accurate, it has occurred to me that we may have made a palpable error. If that has happened I do sincerely apologise but assure you that any such error is totally unintentional.
Anyway, just in case there are errors we have not spotted, we are offering a £1,000 Reward to anyone who brings any errors to our attention. Full details are on our website at the link below...
Should any errors be brought to our attention, we will correct them immediately and post a clear notification on the website.
Thank you for your help.
Kind regards,
The Alternative Punters Syndicate
WinnersToLosers "

After few days i got another email, in which was described, how somebody found minor mistake (unfortunately it is not about results) :

"----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 3:51 PM
Subject: [Bulk] Sincere Apologies! There is an error in our results!!

I regret to inform you that an error has been found in the past results displayed on our WinnersToLosers website.
This was spotted by someone scrutinising all our results in order to claim the £1,000.00 CASH REWARD I told you about the other day.
...a tiny mistake was a horse name and that's SRIKUANTAN (in the result page on 26/01/2008) which is actually SRI KUANTAN (sorry for it but I only wanted to show you that I am doing some "research")...Fodor
The mistake is a simple typing error (the space has been omitted between the "I" and "K") and does not affect our reported profits in any way. Therefore Fodor does not qualify for any reward but I am very grateful to him for bringing it to my attention. The mistake should not have happened and I apologise unreservedly for any confusion this may have caused.
I can fully understand why so many of you are sceptical about our reported results. After all a clear profit of £40,520.53 in the first eight months of this year is very hard to believe!
Hopefully, the fact that so many people are now scrutinising our results to such an extent will reassure you that those profits are 100% genuine.
If you still have some doubts then by all means read the independent reviews at various 'system testing' sites such as... www.bettingsystemreviews.co.uk/ and www.cash-master.com/blog/.
If you still disbelieve our results then show us an error that proves the profits are not as good as we are claiming and we will give you £1,000.00 in CASH! Full details available on our website.
(If the above link doesn't work then simply copy and paste it into your browser)
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.
Kind regards,
The Alternative Punters Syndicate
WinnersToLosers "

This Tipsters Team understand trust value and introduced self-prevention rules themselves, involving people to report mistakes to them first, but not to Government regulators.
Let's say i don't want to check their mistake, but still (because of possibility to earn for somebody) i feel more safe in such type of control (multiple tied control), which is much more realistic, than government agency control
( one tied control) alone.
I got benefits from such new type control for free, like all others people! Wouldn't you be happy to leave your vehicle, where maybe few not clear visible cameras are spotted from different windows? Now other request: Imagine you are theft... :)

After Private initiative introduced in Crime prevention, all business will be motivated to introduce self-prevention systems in order:
* to get feedbacks first;

* not to be penalised by government and heard to others as bad service providers. if you can, pls read in Lithuanian my blog about Lithuanian Food Retail Network "Maxima" which has rule in one small aspect (to give 5Litas ~1.45EUR for buyer, if goods were calculated in bigger price. I heard they still continue this practice, but not clear, why they take off ads about such type prize near every checkout or cashier "

LTCP examples. 1) ''MAXIMA'' 5 litų premija"

http://lt.netlog.com/LTCP/blog/blogid=8799#blog )

In other words reward-based crime stopping, will make fines transformed in prizes. Additional benefit would be better realationship between deeling sides (stronger feedback, bigger service provider trust, less customers angry, avoid misunderstandings, product orservice development, better customers loyality, earnings possibility for testers etc. )

If you have desire to work on similar ideas, projects, Please don't hestitate to contact me from any country.


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