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28 Arguments for Law Changes Involving Private Initiative in Crime Control

Decided to list arguments about Private Resources involved Crime Control in one place. Will be adding and refreshing time to time.

Why Law on Crime Control is so socialistic (monopoly and government owned)?

Results of Crime Control: only ~45% of registered crimes are solved. But in Economy only 1% of crimes are registered!

Principles of Private Resources involved Crime Control system:

  • To catch criminal need resources, which cost. Fine – should be price for catching. Now fines goes to budget. Similar like 100% Profit goes to budget in Socialism. Sharing fine between people, who assisted with sorting crime, is main idea of LTiCP. Criminals should pay themself, for what they do;

  • Think about this:
    * Socialistic Economy + Socialist Crime Control = COMUNISM (had before and have some example countries now);
    * Free Market Economy + Socialist Crime Control = so called WILD CAPITALISM (mostly have now);
    * Free Market Economy + Free Market (demonopolised) Crime Control = way to RESPONSIBILITY + FREEDOM further realisation;

  • While most economic industries moved to Free Market, Crime Control is still in deep socialism and belonging to governments. This is major problem for society to believe in further free market development. So Free-Market is not problem it self. The problems is insubstantial of Free Market in Crime Control. Do you keep Mercedes covered with faeces as a whole faeces? Or you trying to separate things and look into details, who covered Mercedes with faeces (the same problem exists with money);

  • We believe ratio 1000 : 1000 ((Potential Crime Stoppers : People) is more effective than 1 : 1000 (trained policeman : people) as it is now. This is how Real Crime Prevention should work. Criminal should never know, who can start stopping him or which window, what type of registry (video, logs, radars) can be threat to him;

  • Honest people, who still decide to help and spent time on stopping crime on voluntary, are kept as a not clever people in nowadays! To stop - means lose time. Most people choose to ignore what they see for beeing free of witnessing duty. Others are even more happy to assist criminals for better money. We should create alternative for such things;

  • Crime Control unbelievibly ignoring Private Initiative on financial motivation basis. Not to use Private resources (Information, Time, Money, Technique) and reward for stopping crimes is negligence it self. Every industry has it's own specific risks. Crime Control Industry is not exception;

  • Nowadays Crime Control only use voluntary help of private people and don't want to look in Financial reward prospective. Were Saturday Voluntary Aid works effective in USSR? The same socialistic thinking exist now for assisting in crime solving;

  • Presumption of Innocence will be kept better in new system, because every regulation brakes it, by keeping us possible law braker. It's a chance for less regulations, as society will self regulate;

  • ~1-5 % of wrong people are "precedent” for government to use these crimes for creating regulation. Regulation drops on innocent 95% people as well. Is it fair? Shouldn't we better concentrate on stopping these 1-5 % instead of creating new regulations? After Private Involved Crime Control system introduced, we will keep governments with week arguments for new regulations;

  • All problems between Private sides: Catchers and Criminal can be solved in court (arbitrage) as it is now, between government officer and Criminal;

  • This is way to give possibility for people take responsibility on crimes and take off pressure from monopolistic government agencies;

  • Who wants more policemen, mostly can't answer, who will be paying for this. We can even reduce hourly paid policmens later and save money (it means lower tax rates) by introducing Law Changes for involving Private Initiative;

  • We can waste budget money for policemen on every crossroad, still will be no policeman in groups of people where criminal agreements can be made. We can create system, where every person potentially will be motivated destroy criminal agreements and take part of fine. Again this is how i understand Real Crime Prevention. It's about creating real risk to be caught;

  • Nobody knows better situation in environment, than people, living in that environment. Why not to employ them and their information about crimes, offering motivating part of fine for stopping crimes in future?;

  • Additional income source possibility for people like Private Security staff, students, sport club members, etc . See S. Korea industry http://lticp.blogspot.com/2008/11/lticp-examples-3-s-korea-catchers.html

  • What choices people have, while losing job or in recession? Let's create alternative possibility against choosing criminal activity. New Law system changes caused better prevention prevention is another reason, why criminal activity will not rise;

  • Better alibi/evidence chance vs no alibi or evidence at all. No evidence means chance to somebody lie in endless courts;

  • Multiple control is more difficult to bribe or shut off than than 1 link control;

  • Moral difficulties can be cleared by this: It is more ethic to earn from stopping criminal than ignore his criminal activity. Ignoring is Passive form of protest. Doing steps to stop criminal activity (service to society) is Active form. Afraid to earn (chosen Passive way) gives criminality problems and criminal money to rise. It's like leave solving cancer problem for future. While doing steps it's MINDFULL earning. And we should be proud of it. We shouldn't be proud earning from working or spending (MINDLESS voting with your money) in alcohol, tobacco industries and so on, because you helping these industries to rise. You thinking that you can't do nothing personally, when you see these industries? Ok, the same you can say while standing near 6m height. You can't jump over it now. But you can be minimum close to it, if 10years will be making steps (training) daily for this target;

  • Privacy difficulties of multiple privately collected registry information can be cleared by this:

    Do you afraid to be under CCTV in shopping centers? Should honest person afraid of cameras, creating registries? You think it gives you risk or safety? Nobody can use information about person, which has no facts about crime or no victims. The new law changes will be bigger safety to catch such people and put them to court for moral fine;

  • If we so much take care on Privacy breaches, means the same amount we don't care on Victim rights. Decision for this can be this. As all life is game, here can be created game as well. If person X decides to check person Y, so X should be ready to risk with some amount of money or gift to Y, if X will fail with his version. Monopolistic based Crime Control law is not taking care about this at all;

  • Positive “Side effects of neighborhood” of new law changes to others. (Example. Wouldn't you be happy to park your vehicle in apartments estate, where possibly somebody settled 3 cameras in different windows and some people more often looking through windows to see something suspicious for chance to stop criminals and earn for valuable information);

  • While developed Private Resources involved Crime Control will exist, very low arguments will be used on probabilities, that somebody earned by stealing or taking bribes;

  • Additional registry is part of quality evidence. 2 bad quality cameras from different places makes evidence more solid than 1 better quality camera;

  • Educational” charge can be implemented to cover part of catcher cost. For example instead of 100Eur fine on wrong parking, both sides can deal on 20Eur “Educational” pay, if situation is disputable. Sound similar to bribe? Let it sound. Prevention/Training is still done and no victims left. If Third party is left as a victim, then of course this is bribe. But then other people can take action on helping to victim;

  • It's like in Wikipedia Revolution - bunch of nobody can create much more better safety for World.

  • We can trust and let more people out of prisons ( 03/2009 Ireland had 105% occupancy rate. 3790 Prisoners. Each cost 90000 Eur/year). They will be on bigger chance to repay damages (restitution).

  • If we all will be additionally motivated, so will be steps done, and definately be results. Means better prevention. Means less damages. Means lower cost of insurances.

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LTiCP examples 6) Citizen reports cop breaking the law. Cop retaliates.

This is video example about how private initiative can solve problems. Professional registry of law brakage made:

I believe people for such job should get part of fine recieved from law brakers (i wouldnt agree on first problem... i mean cops car on yellow line, because street is empty seems all day... so no victims. In such way i would expect similar non-robotic thinking from cops,when they stop us, as well).

In such case society will benefit from active crime stoppers. Criminals will experience bigger risk, because every people can be potential catchers! People will have chance to earn. Yes this is Crime Industry, where governments keep monopoly and we have problems, which stops free market to develop (Bad crime prevention, rises negativity on FREE MARKET in society). But this is what i talk in this blog: Problem is not in Free Market, but in Crime Prevention (which is in deep socialism). Please take a look article about South Korea http://lticp.blogspot.com/2008/11/lticp-examples-3-s-korea-catchers.html .

If you found interest, join me through motivational opportunities ( to create mindfull wealth and to have more power to work on this mission) www.moksor.com and let's discuss more on Libertarian Crime Prevention idea to create real steps for implement law changes.