LTiCP examples 6) Citizen reports cop breaking the law. Cop retaliates.

This is video example about how private initiative can solve problems. Professional registry of law brakage made:

I believe people for such job should get part of fine recieved from law brakers (i wouldnt agree on first problem... i mean cops car on yellow line, because street is empty seems all day... so no victims. In such way i would expect similar non-robotic thinking from cops,when they stop us, as well).

In such case society will benefit from active crime stoppers. Criminals will experience bigger risk, because every people can be potential catchers! People will have chance to earn. Yes this is Crime Industry, where governments keep monopoly and we have problems, which stops free market to develop (Bad crime prevention, rises negativity on FREE MARKET in society). But this is what i talk in this blog: Problem is not in Free Market, but in Crime Prevention (which is in deep socialism). Please take a look article about South Korea http://lticp.blogspot.com/2008/11/lticp-examples-3-s-korea-catchers.html .

If you found interest, join me through motivational opportunities ( to create mindfull wealth and to have more power to work on this mission) www.moksor.com and let's discuss more on Libertarian Crime Prevention idea to create real steps for implement law changes.

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